Declared Ex-Date Record Payable Amount Type
$ 0.402 U.S. Currency
$ 0.40219 U.S. Currency
$ 0.10125 Extra, special, participating or arrears
$ 0.40219 U.S. Currency
Total dividends in 2018: 1.30763
$ 0.00 Dividend rate unknown; revision follows

The historical dividend information provided is for informational purposes only, and is not intended for trading purposes. The historical dividend information is provided by Mergent, a third party service. On October 31, 2017, the board of directors approved a 2.25x reverse stock split, and dividend amounts prior to this date have been adjusted to reflect the split.  Total dividends per year is based on the dividend ex-date.

Dividend History

Declaration Date Record Date Payment Date Amount Type
14-Nov-17 29-Dec-17 11-Jan-18 $0.26813 Recurring 
14-Nov-17 29-Dec-17 11-Jan-18 $0.10125 Special 
13-Oct-17 24-Oct-17 25-Oct-17 $0.1340550 Recurring 
28-Aug-17 28-Sep-17 29-Sep-17 $0.1340550 Recurring 
26-Jul-17 30-Aug-17 31-Aug-17 $0.1340550 Recurring 
7-Jul-17 28-Jul-17 31-Jul-17 $0.1340550 Recurring 
30-May-17 27-Jun-17 28-Jun-17 $0.0348368 Recurring 
30-May-17 20-Jun-17 28-Jun-17 $0.0348368 Recurring 
30-May-17 13-Jun-17 28-Jun-17 $0.0348368 Recurring 
30-May-17 6-Jun-17 28-Jun-17 $0.0348368 Recurring 
26-Apr-17 30-May-17 31-May-17 $0.0348368 Recurring 
26-Apr-17 23-May-17 31-May-17 $0.0348368 Recurring 
26-Apr-17 16-May-17 31-May-17 $0.0348368 Recurring 
26-Apr-17 9-May-17 31-May-17 $0.0348368 Recurring 
26-Apr-17 2-May-17 31-May-17 $0.0348368 Recurring 
16-Mar-17 25-Apr-17 26-Apr-17 $0.0348368 Recurring 
16-Mar-17 18-Apr-17 26-Apr-17 $0.0348368 Recurring 
16-Mar-17 11-Apr-17 26-Apr-17 $0.0348368 Recurring 
16-Mar-17 4-Apr-17 26-Apr-17 $0.0348368 Recurring 
24-Feb-17 28-Mar-17 29-Mar-17 $0.0348368 Recurring 
24-Feb-17 21-Mar-17 29-Mar-17 $0.0348368 Recurring 
24-Feb-17 14-Mar-17 29-Mar-17 $0.0348368 Recurring 
24-Feb-17 7-Mar-17 29-Mar-17 $0.0348368 Recurring 
27-Jan-17 28-Feb-17 1-Mar-17 $0.0348368 Recurring 
27-Jan-17 21-Feb-17 1-Mar-17 $0.0348368 Recurring 
27-Jan-17 14-Feb-17 1-Mar-17 $0.0348368 Recurring 
27-Jan-17 7-Feb-17 1-Mar-17 $0.0348368 Recurring 
14-Dec-16 31-Jan-17 1-Feb-17 $0.0348368 Recurring 
14-Dec-16 24-Jan-17 1-Feb-17 $0.0348368 Recurring 
14-Dec-16 17-Jan-17 1-Feb-17 $0.0348368 Recurring 
14-Dec-16 10-Jan-17 1-Feb-17 $0.0348368 Recurring 
14-Dec-16 3-Jan-17 1-Feb-17 $0.0348368 Recurring 
18-Nov-16 27-Dec-16 28-Dec-16 $0.0348368 Recurring 
18-Nov-16 20-Dec-16 28-Dec-16 $0.0348368 Recurring 
18-Nov-16 13-Dec-16 28-Dec-16 $0.0348368 Recurring 
18-Nov-16 6-Dec-16 28-Dec-16 $0.0348368 Recurring 
27-Oct-16 29-Nov-16 30-Nov-16 $0.0348368 Recurring 
27-Oct-16 22-Nov-16 30-Nov-16 $0.0348368 Recurring 
27-Oct-16 15-Nov-16 30-Nov-16 $0.0348368 Recurring 
27-Oct-16 8-Nov-16 30-Nov-16 $0.0348368 Recurring 
27-Oct-16 1-Nov-16 30-Nov-16 $0.0348368 Recurring 
26-Sep-16 25-Oct-16 26-Oct-16 $0.0348368 Recurring 
26-Sep-16 18-Oct-16 26-Oct-16 $0.0348368 Recurring 
26-Sep-16 11-Oct-16 26-Oct-16 $0.0348368 Recurring 
26-Sep-16 4-Oct-16 26-Oct-16 $0.0348368 Recurring 
17-Aug-16 27-Sep-16 28-Sep-16 $0.0348368 Recurring 
17-Aug-16 20-Sep-16 28-Sep-16 $0.0348368 Recurring 
17-Aug-16 13-Sep-16 28-Sep-16 $0.0348368 Recurring 
17-Aug-16 6-Sep-16 28-Sep-16 $0.0348368 Recurring 
29-Jul-16 30-Aug-16 31-Aug-16 $0.0348368 Recurring 
29-Jul-16 23-Aug-16 31-Aug-16 $0.0348368 Recurring 
29-Jul-16 16-Aug-16 31-Aug-16 $0.0348368 Recurring 
29-Jul-16 9-Aug-16 31-Aug-16 $0.0348368 Recurring 
29-Jul-16 2-Aug-16 31-Aug-16 $0.0348368 Recurring 
28-Jun-16 26-Jul-16 27-Jul-16 $0.0348368 Recurring 
28-Jun-16 19-Jul-16 27-Jul-16 $0.0348368 Recurring 
28-Jun-16 12-Jul-16 27-Jul-16 $0.0348368 Recurring 
28-Jun-16 5-Jul-16 27-Jul-16 $0.0348368 Recurring 
27-May-16 28-Jun-16 29-Jun-16 $0.0348368 Recurring 
27-May-16 21-Jun-16 29-Jun-16 $0.0348368 Recurring 
27-May-16 14-Jun-16 29-Jun-16 $0.0348368 Recurring 
27-May-16 7-Jun-16 29-Jun-16 $0.0348368 Recurring 
27-Apr-16 31-May-16 1-Jun-16 $0.0348368 Recurring 
27-Apr-16 24-May-16 1-Jun-16 $0.0348368 Recurring 
27-Apr-16 17-May-16 1-Jun-16 $0.0348368 Recurring 
27-Apr-16 10-May-16 1-Jun-16 $0.0348368 Recurring 
27-Apr-16 3-May-16 1-Jun-16 $0.0348368 Recurring 
18-Mar-16 26-Apr-16 27-Apr-16 $0.0348368 Recurring 
18-Mar-16 19-Apr-16 27-Apr-16 $0.0348368 Recurring 
18-Mar-16 12-Apr-16 27-Apr-16 $0.0348368 Recurring 
18-Mar-16 5-Apr-16 27-Apr-16 $0.0348368 Recurring 
26-Feb-16 29-Mar-16 30-Mar-16 $0.0348368 Recurring 
26-Feb-16 22-Mar-16 30-Mar-16 $0.0348368 Recurring 
26-Feb-16 15-Mar-16 30-Mar-16 $0.0348368 Recurring 
26-Feb-16 8-Mar-16 30-Mar-16 $0.0348368 Recurring 
26-Feb-16 1-Mar-16 30-Mar-16 $0.0348368 Recurring 
28-Jan-16 23-Feb-16 24-Feb-16 $0.0348368 Recurring 
28-Jan-16 16-Feb-16 24-Feb-16 $0.0348368 Recurring 
28-Jan-16 9-Feb-16 24-Feb-16 $0.0348368 Recurring 
28-Jan-16 2-Feb-16 24-Feb-16 $0.0348368 Recurring 
30-Dec-15 26-Jan-16 27-Jan-16 $0.0348368 Recurring 
30-Dec-15 19-Jan-16 27-Jan-16 $0.0348368 Recurring 
30-Dec-15 12-Jan-16 27-Jan-16 $0.0348368 Recurring 
30-Dec-15 5-Jan-16 27-Jan-16 $0.0348368 Recurring 
17-Nov-15 29-Dec-15 30-Dec-15 $0.0348368 Recurring 
17-Nov-15 22-Dec-15 30-Dec-15 $0.0348368 Recurring 
17-Nov-15 15-Dec-15 30-Dec-15 $0.0348368 Recurring 
17-Nov-15 8-Dec-15 30-Dec-15 $0.0348368 Recurring 
17-Nov-15 1-Dec-15 30-Dec-15 $0.0348368 Recurring 
29-Oct-15 24-Nov-15 25-Nov-15 $0.0348368 Recurring 
29-Oct-15 17-Nov-15 25-Nov-15 $0.0348368 Recurring 
29-Oct-15 10-Nov-15 25-Nov-15 $0.0348368 Recurring 
29-Oct-15 3-Nov-15 25-Nov-15 $0.0348368 Recurring 
29-Sep-15 27-Oct-15 28-Oct-15 $0.0348368 Recurring 
29-Sep-15 20-Oct-15 28-Oct-15 $0.0348368 Recurring 
29-Sep-15 13-Oct-15 28-Oct-15 $0.0348368 Recurring 
29-Sep-15 6-Oct-15 28-Oct-15 $0.0348368 Recurring 
28-Jul-15 29-Sep-15 30-Sep-15 $0.0348368 Recurring 
28-Jul-15 22-Sep-15 30-Sep-15 $0.0348368 Recurring 
28-Jul-15 15-Sep-15 30-Sep-15 $0.0348368 Recurring 
28-Jul-15 8-Sep-15 30-Sep-15 $0.0348368 Recurring 
28-Jul-15 1-Sep-15 30-Sep-15 $0.0348368 Recurring 
28-Jul-15 25-Aug-15 26-Aug-15 $0.0348368 Recurring 
28-Jul-15 18-Aug-15 26-Aug-15 $0.0348368 Recurring 
28-Jul-15 11-Aug-15 26-Aug-15 $0.0348368 Recurring 
28-Jul-15 4-Aug-15 26-Aug-15 $0.0348368 Recurring 
29-Jun-15 28-Jul-15 29-Jul-15 $0.0348368 Recurring 
29-Jun-15 21-Jul-15 29-Jul-15 $0.0348368 Recurring 
29-Jun-15 14-Jul-15 29-Jul-15 $0.0348368 Recurring 
29-Jun-15 7-Jul-15 29-Jul-15 $0.0348368 Recurring 
27-May-15 30-Jun-15 1-Jul-15 $0.0348368 Recurring 
27-May-15 23-Jun-15 1-Jul-15 $0.0348368 Recurring 
27-May-15 16-Jun-15 1-Jul-15 $0.0348368 Recurring 
27-May-15 9-Jun-15 1-Jul-15 $0.0348368 Recurring 
27-May-15 2-Jun-15 1-Jul-15 $0.0348368 Recurring 
27-Apr-15 26-May-15 27-May-15 $0.0348368 Recurring 
27-Apr-15 19-May-15 27-May-15 $0.0348368 Recurring 
27-Apr-15 12-May-15 27-May-15 $0.0348368 Recurring 
27-Apr-15 5-May-15 27-May-15 $0.0348368 Recurring 
18-Mar-15 28-Apr-15 29-Apr-15 $0.0348368 Recurring 
18-Mar-15 21-Apr-15 29-Apr-15 $0.0348368 Recurring 
18-Mar-15 14-Apr-15 29-Apr-15 $0.0348368 Recurring 
18-Mar-15 7-Apr-15 29-Apr-15 $0.0348368 Recurring 
25-Feb-15 31-Mar-15 1-Apr-15 $0.0348368 Recurring 
25-Feb-15 24-Mar-15 1-Apr-15 $0.0348368 Recurring 
25-Feb-15 17-Mar-15 1-Apr-15 $0.0348368 Recurring 
25-Feb-15 10-Mar-15 1-Apr-15 $0.0348368 Recurring 
25-Feb-15 3-Mar-15 1-Apr-15 $0.0348368 Recurring 
27-Jan-15 24-Feb-15 25-Feb-15 $0.0348368 Recurring 
27-Jan-15 17-Feb-15 25-Feb-15 $0.0348368 Recurring 
27-Jan-15 10-Feb-15 25-Feb-15 $0.0348368 Recurring 
27-Jan-15 3-Feb-15 25-Feb-15 $0.0348368 Recurring 
19-Dec-14 27-Jan-15 28-Jan-15 $0.0348368 Recurring 
19-Dec-14 20-Jan-15 28-Jan-15 $0.0348368 Recurring 
19-Dec-14 13-Jan-15 28-Jan-15 $0.0348368 Recurring 
19-Dec-14 6-Jan-15 28-Jan-15 $0.0348368 Recurring 
21-Nov-14 30-Dec-14 31-Dec-14 $0.0348368 Recurring 
21-Nov-14 23-Dec-14 31-Dec-14 $0.0348368 Recurring 
21-Nov-14 16-Dec-14 31-Dec-14 $0.0348368 Recurring 
21-Nov-14 9-Dec-14 31-Dec-14 $0.0348368 Recurring 
21-Nov-14 2-Dec-14 31-Dec-14 $0.0348368 Recurring 
26-Sep-14 25-Nov-14 26-Nov-14 $0.0348368 Recurring 
26-Sep-14 18-Nov-14 26-Nov-14 $0.0348368 Recurring 
26-Sep-14 11-Nov-14 26-Nov-14 $0.0348368 Recurring 
26-Sep-14 4-Nov-14 26-Nov-14 $0.0348368 Recurring 
26-Sep-14 28-Oct-14 29-Oct-14 $0.0348368 Recurring 
26-Sep-14 21-Oct-14 29-Oct-14 $0.0348368 Recurring 
26-Sep-14 14-Oct-14 29-Oct-14 $0.0348368 Recurring 
26-Sep-14 7-Oct-14 29-Oct-14 $0.0348368 Recurring 
20-Jun-14 30-Sep-14 1-Oct-14 $0.0348368 Recurring 
20-Jun-14 23-Sep-14 1-Oct-14 $0.0348368 Recurring 
20-Jun-14 16-Sep-14 1-Oct-14 $0.0348368 Recurring 
20-Jun-14 9-Sep-14 1-Oct-14 $0.0348368 Recurring 
20-Jun-14 2-Sep-14 1-Oct-14 $0.0348368 Recurring 
20-Jun-14 26-Aug-14 27-Aug-14 $0.0348368 Recurring 
20-Jun-14 19-Aug-14 27-Aug-14 $0.0348368 Recurring 
20-Jun-14 12-Aug-14 27-Aug-14 $0.0348368 Recurring 
20-Jun-14 5-Aug-14 27-Aug-14 $0.0348368 Recurring 
20-Jun-14 29-Jul-14 30-Jul-14 $0.0348368 Recurring 
20-Jun-14 22-Jul-14 30-Jul-14 $0.0348368 Recurring 
20-Jun-14 15-Jul-14 30-Jul-14 $0.0348368 Recurring 
20-Jun-14 8-Jul-14 30-Jul-14 $0.0348368 Recurring 
20-Jun-14 1-Jul-14 30-Jul-14 $0.0348368 Recurring 
18-Mar-14 24-Jun-14 25-Jun-14 $0.0348368 Recurring 
18-Mar-14 17-Jun-14 25-Jun-14 $0.0348368 Recurring 
18-Mar-14 10-Jun-14 25-Jun-14 $0.0348368 Recurring 
18-Mar-14 3-Jun-14 25-Jun-14 $0.0348368 Recurring 
18-Mar-14 27-May-14 28-May-14 $0.0348368 Recurring 
18-Mar-14 20-May-14 28-May-14 $0.0348368 Recurring 
18-Mar-14 13-May-14 28-May-14 $0.0348368 Recurring 
18-Mar-14 6-May-14 28-May-14 $0.0348368 Recurring 
18-Mar-14 29-Apr-14 30-Apr-14 $0.0348368 Recurring 
18-Mar-14 22-Apr-14 30-Apr-14 $0.0348368 Recurring 
18-Mar-14 15-Apr-14 30-Apr-14 $0.0348368 Recurring 
18-Mar-14 8-Apr-14 30-Apr-14 $0.0348368 Recurring 
18-Mar-14 1-Apr-14 30-Apr-14 $0.0348368 Recurring 
20-Dec-13 25-Mar-14 26-Mar-14 $0.0337590 Recurring 
20-Dec-13 18-Mar-14 26-Mar-14 $0.0337590 Recurring 
20-Dec-13 11-Mar-14 26-Mar-14 $0.0337590 Recurring 
20-Dec-13 4-Mar-14 26-Mar-14 $0.0337590 Recurring 
20-Dec-13 25-Feb-14 26-Feb-14 $0.0337590 Recurring 
20-Dec-13 18-Feb-14 26-Feb-14 $0.0337590 Recurring 
20-Dec-13 11-Feb-14 26-Feb-14 $0.0337590 Recurring 
20-Dec-13 4-Feb-14 26-Feb-14 $0.0337590 Recurring 
20-Dec-13 28-Jan-14 29-Jan-14 $0.0337590 Recurring 
20-Dec-13 21-Jan-14 29-Jan-14 $0.0337590 Recurring 
20-Dec-13 14-Jan-14 29-Jan-14 $0.0337590 Recurring 
20-Dec-13 7-Jan-14 29-Jan-14 $0.0337590 Recurring 
21-Nov-13 31-Dec-13 2-Jan-14 $0.0337590 Recurring 
21-Nov-13 31-Dec-13 2-Jan-14 $0.0675000 Special 
21-Nov-13 24-Dec-13 2-Jan-14 $0.0337590 Recurring 
21-Nov-13 17-Dec-13 2-Jan-14 $0.0337590 Recurring 
21-Nov-13 10-Dec-13 2-Jan-14 $0.0337590 Recurring 
21-Nov-13 3-Dec-13 2-Jan-14 $0.0337590 Recurring 
24-Sep-13 26-Nov-13 27-Nov-13 $0.0337590 Recurring 
24-Sep-13 19-Nov-13 27-Nov-13 $0.0337590 Recurring 
24-Sep-13 12-Nov-13 27-Nov-13 $0.0337590 Recurring 
24-Sep-13 5-Nov-13 27-Nov-13 $0.0337590 Recurring 
24-Sep-13 29-Oct-13 30-Oct-13 $0.0337590 Recurring 
24-Sep-13 22-Oct-13 30-Oct-13 $0.0337590 Recurring 
24-Sep-13 15-Oct-13 30-Oct-13 $0.0337590 Recurring 
24-Sep-13 8-Oct-13 30-Oct-13 $0.0337590 Recurring 
24-Sep-13 1-Oct-13 30-Oct-13 $0.0337590 Recurring 
9-Aug-13 24-Sep-13 25-Sep-13 $0.0337590 Recurring 
9-Aug-13 17-Sep-13 25-Sep-13 $0.0337590 Recurring 
9-Aug-13 10-Sep-13 25-Sep-13 $0.0337590 Recurring 
9-Aug-13 3-Sep-13 25-Sep-13 $0.0337590 Recurring 
17-Jun-13 27-Aug-13 28-Aug-13 $0.0337590 Recurring 
17-Jun-13 20-Aug-13 28-Aug-13 $0.0337590 Recurring 
17-Jun-13 13-Aug-13 28-Aug-13 $0.0337590 Recurring 
17-Jun-13 6-Aug-13 28-Aug-13 $0.0337590 Recurring 
17-Jun-13 30-Jul-13 31-Jul-13 $0.0337590 Recurring 
17-Jun-13 23-Jul-13 31-Jul-13 $0.0337590 Recurring 
17-Jun-13 16-Jul-13 31-Jul-13 $0.0337590 Recurring 
17-Jun-13 9-Jul-13 31-Jul-13 $0.0337590 Recurring 
17-Jun-13 2-Jul-13 31-Jul-13 $0.0337590 Recurring 
12-Mar-13 25-Jun-13 26-Jun-13 $0.0337590 Recurring 
12-Mar-13 18-Jun-13 26-Jun-13 $0.0337590 Recurring 
12-Mar-13 11-Jun-13 26-Jun-13 $0.0337590 Recurring 
12-Mar-13 4-Jun-13 26-Jun-13 $0.0337590 Recurring 
12-Mar-13 28-May-13 29-May-13 $0.0337590 Recurring 
12-Mar-13 21-May-13 29-May-13 $0.0337590 Recurring 
12-Mar-13 14-May-13 29-May-13 $0.0337590 Recurring 
12-Mar-13 7-May-13 29-May-13 $0.0337590 Recurring 
12-Mar-13 30-Apr-13 1-May-13 $0.0337590 Recurring 
12-Mar-13 23-Apr-13 1-May-13 $0.0337590 Recurring 
12-Mar-13 16-Apr-13 1-May-13 $0.0337590 Recurring 
12-Mar-13 9-Apr-13 1-May-13 $0.0337590 Recurring 
12-Mar-13 2-Apr-13 1-May-13 $0.0337590 Recurring 
14-Dec-12 26-Mar-13 27-Mar-13 $0.0337590 Recurring 
14-Dec-12 19-Mar-13 27-Mar-13 $0.0337590 Recurring 
14-Dec-12 12-Mar-13 27-Mar-13 $0.0337590 Recurring 
14-Dec-12 5-Mar-13 27-Mar-13 $0.0337590 Recurring 
14-Dec-12 26-Feb-13 27-Feb-13 $0.0337590 Recurring 
14-Dec-12 19-Feb-13 27-Feb-13 $0.0337590 Recurring 
14-Dec-12 12-Feb-13 27-Feb-13 $0.0337590 Recurring 
14-Dec-12 5-Feb-13 27-Feb-13 $0.0337590 Recurring 
14-Dec-12 29-Jan-13 30-Jan-13 $0.0337590 Recurring 
14-Dec-12 22-Jan-13 30-Jan-13 $0.0337590 Recurring 
14-Dec-12 15-Jan-13 30-Jan-13 $0.0337590 Recurring 
14-Dec-12 8-Jan-13 30-Jan-13 $0.0337590 Recurring 
14-Dec-12 2-Jan-13 30-Jan-13 $0.0337590 Recurring 
29-Nov-12 26-Dec-12 31-Dec-12 $0.0328635 Recurring 
29-Nov-12 18-Dec-12 31-Dec-12 $0.0328635 Recurring 
29-Nov-12 11-Dec-12 31-Dec-12 $0.0328635 Recurring 
29-Nov-12 4-Dec-12 31-Dec-12 $0.0328635 Recurring 
27-Sep-12 27-Nov-12 28-Nov-12 $0.0328635 Recurring 
27-Sep-12 20-Nov-12 28-Nov-12 $0.0328635 Recurring 
27-Sep-12 13-Nov-12 28-Nov-12 $0.0328635 Recurring 
27-Sep-12 6-Nov-12 28-Nov-12 $0.0328635 Recurring 
27-Sep-12 30-Oct-12 31-Oct-12 $0.0328635 Recurring 
27-Sep-12 23-Oct-12 31-Oct-12 $0.0328635 Recurring 
27-Sep-12 16-Oct-12 31-Oct-12 $0.0328635 Recurring 
27-Sep-12 9-Oct-12 31-Oct-12 $0.0328635 Recurring 
27-Sep-12 2-Oct-12 31-Oct-12 $0.0328635 Recurring 
29-Jun-12 25-Sep-12 26-Sep-12 $0.0328635 Recurring 
29-Jun-12 18-Sep-12 26-Sep-12 $0.0328635 Recurring 
29-Jun-12 11-Sep-12 26-Sep-12 $0.0328635 Recurring 
29-Jun-12 4-Sep-12 26-Sep-12 $0.0328635 Recurring 
29-Jun-12 28-Aug-12 29-Aug-12 $0.0328635 Recurring 
29-Jun-12 21-Aug-12 29-Aug-12 $0.0328635 Recurring 
29-Jun-12 14-Aug-12 29-Aug-12 $0.0328635 Recurring 
29-Jun-12 7-Aug-12 29-Aug-12 $0.0328635 Recurring 
29-Jun-12 31-Jul-12 1-Aug-12 $0.0328635 Recurring 
29-Jun-12 24-Jul-12 1-Aug-12 $0.0328635 Recurring 
29-Jun-12 17-Jul-12 1-Aug-12 $0.0328635 Recurring 
29-Jun-12 10-Jul-12 1-Aug-12 $0.0328635 Recurring 
29-Jun-12 3-Jul-12 1-Aug-12 $0.0328635 Recurring 
14-Mar-12 26-Jun-12 27-Jun-12 $0.0328635 Recurring 
14-Mar-12 19-Jun-12 27-Jun-12 $0.0328635 Recurring 
14-Mar-12 12-Jun-12 27-Jun-12 $0.0328635 Recurring 
14-Mar-12 5-Jun-12 27-Jun-12 $0.0328635 Recurring 
14-Mar-12 29-May-12 30-May-12 $0.0328635 Recurring 
14-Mar-12 22-May-12 30-May-12 $0.0328635 Recurring 
14-Mar-12 15-May-12 30-May-12 $0.0328635 Recurring 
14-Mar-12 8-May-12 30-May-12 $0.0328635 Recurring 
14-Mar-12 1-May-12 30-May-12 $0.0328635 Recurring 
14-Mar-12 24-Apr-12 25-Apr-12 $0.0328635 Recurring 
14-Mar-12 17-Apr-12 25-Apr-12 $0.0328635 Recurring 
14-Mar-12 10-Apr-12 25-Apr-12 $0.0328635 Recurring 
14-Mar-12 3-Apr-12 25-Apr-12 $0.0328635 Recurring 
4-Jan-12 27-Mar-12 28-Mar-12 $0.0328635 Recurring 
4-Jan-12 20-Mar-12 28-Mar-12 $0.0328635 Recurring 
4-Jan-12 13-Mar-12 28-Mar-12 $0.0328635 Recurring 
4-Jan-12 6-Mar-12 28-Mar-12 $0.0328635 Recurring 
4-Jan-12 28-Feb-12 29-Feb-12 $0.0322560 Recurring 
4-Jan-12 21-Feb-12 29-Feb-12 $0.0322560 Recurring 
4-Jan-12 14-Feb-12 29-Feb-12 $0.0322560 Recurring 
4-Jan-12 7-Feb-12 29-Feb-12 $0.0322560 Recurring 
4-Jan-12 31-Jan-12 1-Feb-12 $0.0322560 Recurring 
4-Jan-12 24-Jan-12 1-Feb-12 $0.0315000 Recurring 
4-Jan-12 17-Jan-12 1-Feb-12 $0.0315000 Recurring 
4-Jan-12 10-Jan-12 1-Feb-12 $0.0310455 Recurring 
16-Dec-11 3-Jan-12 1-Feb-12 $0.0310455 Recurring 
24-Oct-11 27-Dec-11 4-Jan-12 $0.0310455 Recurring 
24-Oct-11 20-Dec-11 4-Jan-12 $0.0310455 Recurring 
24-Oct-11 13-Dec-11 4-Jan-12 $0.0310455 Recurring 
24-Oct-11 6-Dec-11 4-Jan-12 $0.0310455 Recurring 
24-Oct-11 29-Nov-11 4-Jan-12 $0.0310455 Recurring 
24-Oct-11 22-Nov-11 30-Nov-11 $0.0310455 Recurring 
24-Oct-11 15-Nov-11 30-Nov-11 $0.0310455 Recurring 
24-Oct-11 8-Nov-11 30-Nov-11 $0.0310455 Recurring 
24-Oct-11 1-Nov-11 30-Nov-11 $0.0310455 Recurring 
24-Oct-11 25-Oct-11 30-Nov-11 $0.0302895 Recurring 
11-Sep-11 18-Oct-11 26-Oct-11 $0.0302895 Recurring 
11-Sep-11 11-Oct-11 26-Oct-11 $0.0302895 Recurring 
11-Sep-11 4-Oct-11 26-Oct-11 $0.0302895 Recurring 
11-Sep-11 27-Sep-11 26-Oct-11 $0.0302895 Recurring 
8-Jun-11 20-Sep-11 28-Sep-11 $0.0302895 Recurring 
8-Jun-11 13-Sep-11 28-Sep-11 $0.0302895 Recurring 
8-Jun-11 6-Sep-11 28-Sep-11 $0.0302895 Recurring 
8-Jun-11 30-Aug-11 28-Sep-11 $0.0302895 Recurring 
8-Jun-11 23-Aug-11 31-Aug-11 $0.0302895 Recurring 
8-Jun-11 16-Aug-11 31-Aug-11 $0.0302895 Recurring 
8-Jun-11 9-Aug-11 31-Aug-11 $0.0302895 Recurring 
8-Jun-11 2-Aug-11 31-Aug-11 $0.0302895 Recurring 
8-Jun-11 26-Jul-11 31-Aug-11 $0.0302895 Recurring 
8-Jun-11 19-Jul-11 27-Jul-11 $0.0302895 Recurring 
8-Jun-11 12-Jul-11 27-Jul-11 $0.0302895 Recurring 
8-Jun-11 5-Jul-11 27-Jul-11 $0.0302895 Recurring 
8-Jun-11 1-Jul-11 27-Jul-11 $0.0302895 Recurring