There are currently no dividends or splits to display.

The historical dividend information provided is for informational purposes only, and is not intended for trading purposes. The historical dividend information is provided by Mergent, a third party service. Total dividends per year is based on the dividend ex-date.

Dividend History

Declaration Date Record Date Payment Date Amount Type
13-Oct-17 24-Oct-17 25-Oct-17 $0.059580 Recurring
28-Aug-17 28-Sep-17 29-Sep-17 $0.059580 Recurring
26-Jul-17 30-Aug-17 31-Aug-17 $0.059580 Recurring
7-Jul-17 28-Jul-17 31-Jul-17 $0.059580 Recurring
30-May-17 27-Jun-17 28-Jun-17 $0.015483 Recurring
30-May-17 20-Jun-17 28-Jun-17 $0.015483 Recurring
30-May-17 13-Jun-17 28-Jun-17 $0.015483 Recurring
30-May-17 6-Jun-17 28-Jun-17 $0.015483 Recurring
26-Apr-17 30-May-17 31-May-17 $0.015483 Recurring
26-Apr-17 23-May-17 31-May-17 $0.015483 Recurring
26-Apr-17 16-May-17 31-May-17 $0.015483 Recurring
26-Apr-17 9-May-17 31-May-17 $0.015483 Recurring
26-Apr-17 2-May-17 31-May-17 $0.015483 Recurring
16-Mar-17 25-Apr-17 26-Apr-17 $0.015483 Recurring
16-Mar-17 18-Apr-17 26-Apr-17 $0.015483 Recurring
16-Mar-17 11-Apr-17 26-Apr-17 $0.015483 Recurring
16-Mar-17 4-Apr-17 26-Apr-17 $0.015483 Recurring
24-Feb-17 28-Mar-17 29-Mar-17 $0.015483 Recurring
24-Feb-17 21-Mar-17 29-Mar-17 $0.015483 Recurring
24-Feb-17 14-Mar-17 29-Mar-17 $0.015483 Recurring
24-Feb-17 7-Mar-17 29-Mar-17 $0.015483 Recurring
27-Jan-17 28-Feb-17 1-Mar-17 $0.015483 Recurring
27-Jan-17 21-Feb-17 1-Mar-17 $0.015483 Recurring
27-Jan-17 14-Feb-17 1-Mar-17 $0.015483 Recurring
27-Jan-17 7-Feb-17 1-Mar-17 $0.015483 Recurring
14-Dec-16 31-Jan-17 1-Feb-17 $0.015483 Recurring
14-Dec-16 24-Jan-17 1-Feb-17 $0.015483 Recurring
14-Dec-16 17-Jan-17 1-Feb-17 $0.015483 Recurring
14-Dec-16 10-Jan-17 1-Feb-17 $0.015483 Recurring
14-Dec-16 3-Jan-17 1-Feb-17 $0.015483 Recurring
18-Nov-16 27-Dec-16 28-Dec-16 $0.015483 Recurring
18-Nov-16 20-Dec-16 28-Dec-16 $0.015483 Recurring
18-Nov-16 13-Dec-16 28-Dec-16 $0.015483 Recurring
18-Nov-16 6-Dec-16 28-Dec-16 $0.015483 Recurring
27-Oct-16 29-Nov-16 30-Nov-16 $0.015483 Recurring
27-Oct-16 22-Nov-16 30-Nov-16 $0.015483 Recurring
27-Oct-16 15-Nov-16 30-Nov-16 $0.015483 Recurring
27-Oct-16 8-Nov-16 30-Nov-16 $0.015483 Recurring
27-Oct-16 1-Nov-16 30-Nov-16 $0.015483 Recurring
26-Sep-16 25-Oct-16 26-Oct-16 $0.015483 Recurring
26-Sep-16 18-Oct-16 26-Oct-16 $0.015483 Recurring
26-Sep-16 11-Oct-16 26-Oct-16 $0.015483 Recurring
26-Sep-16 4-Oct-16 26-Oct-16 $0.015483 Recurring
17-Aug-16 27-Sep-16 28-Sep-16 $0.015483 Recurring
17-Aug-16 20-Sep-16 28-Sep-16 $0.015483 Recurring
17-Aug-16 13-Sep-16 28-Sep-16 $0.015483 Recurring
17-Aug-16 6-Sep-16 28-Sep-16 $0.015483 Recurring
29-Jul-16 30-Aug-16 31-Aug-16 $0.015483 Recurring
29-Jul-16 23-Aug-16 31-Aug-16 $0.015483 Recurring
29-Jul-16 16-Aug-16 31-Aug-16 $0.015483 Recurring
29-Jul-16 9-Aug-16 31-Aug-16 $0.015483 Recurring
29-Jul-16 2-Aug-16 31-Aug-16 $0.015483 Recurring
28-Jun-16 26-Jul-16 27-Jul-16 $0.015483 Recurring
28-Jun-16 19-Jul-16 27-Jul-16 $0.015483 Recurring
28-Jun-16 12-Jul-16 27-Jul-16 $0.015483 Recurring
28-Jun-16 5-Jul-16 27-Jul-16 $0.015483 Recurring
27-May-16 28-Jun-16 29-Jun-16 $0.015483 Recurring
27-May-16 21-Jun-16 29-Jun-16 $0.015483 Recurring
27-May-16 14-Jun-16 29-Jun-16 $0.015483 Recurring
27-May-16 7-Jun-16 29-Jun-16 $0.015483 Recurring
27-Apr-16 31-May-16 1-Jun-16 $0.015483 Recurring
27-Apr-16 24-May-16 1-Jun-16 $0.015483 Recurring
27-Apr-16 17-May-16 1-Jun-16 $0.015483 Recurring
27-Apr-16 10-May-16 1-Jun-16 $0.015483 Recurring
27-Apr-16 3-May-16 1-Jun-16 $0.015483 Recurring
18-Mar-16 26-Apr-16 27-Apr-16 $0.015483 Recurring
18-Mar-16 19-Apr-16 27-Apr-16 $0.015483 Recurring
18-Mar-16 12-Apr-16 27-Apr-16 $0.015483 Recurring
18-Mar-16 5-Apr-16 27-Apr-16 $0.015483 Recurring
26-Feb-16 29-Mar-16 30-Mar-16 $0.015483 Recurring
26-Feb-16 22-Mar-16 30-Mar-16 $0.015483 Recurring
26-Feb-16 15-Mar-16 30-Mar-16 $0.015483 Recurring
26-Feb-16 8-Mar-16 30-Mar-16 $0.015483 Recurring
26-Feb-16 1-Mar-16 30-Mar-16 $0.015483 Recurring
28-Jan-16 23-Feb-16 24-Feb-16 $0.015483 Recurring
28-Jan-16 16-Feb-16 24-Feb-16 $0.015483 Recurring
28-Jan-16 9-Feb-16 24-Feb-16 $0.015483 Recurring
28-Jan-16 2-Feb-16 24-Feb-16 $0.015483 Recurring
30-Dec-15 26-Jan-16 27-Jan-16 $0.015483 Recurring
30-Dec-15 19-Jan-16 27-Jan-16 $0.015483 Recurring
30-Dec-15 12-Jan-16 27-Jan-16 $0.015483 Recurring
30-Dec-15 5-Jan-16 27-Jan-16 $0.015483 Recurring
17-Nov-15 29-Dec-15 30-Dec-15 $0.015483 Recurring
17-Nov-15 22-Dec-15 30-Dec-15 $0.015483 Recurring
17-Nov-15 15-Dec-15 30-Dec-15 $0.015483 Recurring
17-Nov-15 8-Dec-15 30-Dec-15 $0.015483 Recurring
17-Nov-15 1-Dec-15 30-Dec-15 $0.015483 Recurring
29-Oct-15 24-Nov-15 25-Nov-15 $0.015483 Recurring
29-Oct-15 17-Nov-15 25-Nov-15 $0.015483 Recurring
29-Oct-15 10-Nov-15 25-Nov-15 $0.015483 Recurring
29-Oct-15 3-Nov-15 25-Nov-15 $0.015483 Recurring
29-Sep-15 27-Oct-15 28-Oct-15 $0.015483 Recurring
29-Sep-15 20-Oct-15 28-Oct-15 $0.015483 Recurring
29-Sep-15 13-Oct-15 28-Oct-15 $0.015483 Recurring
29-Sep-15 6-Oct-15 28-Oct-15 $0.015483 Recurring
28-Jul-15 29-Sep-15 30-Sep-15 $0.015483 Recurring
28-Jul-15 22-Sep-15 30-Sep-15 $0.015483 Recurring
28-Jul-15 15-Sep-15 30-Sep-15 $0.015483 Recurring
28-Jul-15 8-Sep-15 30-Sep-15 $0.015483 Recurring
28-Jul-15 1-Sep-15 30-Sep-15 $0.015483 Recurring
28-Jul-15 25-Aug-15 26-Aug-15 $0.015483 Recurring
28-Jul-15 18-Aug-15 26-Aug-15 $0.015483 Recurring
28-Jul-15 11-Aug-15 26-Aug-15 $0.015483 Recurring
28-Jul-15 4-Aug-15 26-Aug-15 $0.015483 Recurring
29-Jun-15 28-Jul-15 29-Jul-15 $0.015483 Recurring
29-Jun-15 21-Jul-15 29-Jul-15 $0.015483 Recurring
29-Jun-15 14-Jul-15 29-Jul-15 $0.015483 Recurring
29-Jun-15 7-Jul-15 29-Jul-15 $0.015483 Recurring
27-May-15 30-Jun-15 1-Jul-15 $0.015483 Recurring
27-May-15 23-Jun-15 1-Jul-15 $0.015483 Recurring
27-May-15 16-Jun-15 1-Jul-15 $0.015483 Recurring
27-May-15 9-Jun-15 1-Jul-15 $0.015483 Recurring
27-May-15 2-Jun-15 1-Jul-15 $0.015483 Recurring
27-Apr-15 26-May-15 27-May-15 $0.015483 Recurring
27-Apr-15 19-May-15 27-May-15 $0.015483 Recurring
27-Apr-15 12-May-15 27-May-15 $0.015483 Recurring
27-Apr-15 5-May-15 27-May-15 $0.015483 Recurring
18-Mar-15 28-Apr-15 29-Apr-15 $0.015483 Recurring
18-Mar-15 21-Apr-15 29-Apr-15 $0.015483 Recurring
18-Mar-15 14-Apr-15 29-Apr-15 $0.015483 Recurring
18-Mar-15 7-Apr-15 29-Apr-15 $0.015483 Recurring
25-Feb-15 31-Mar-15 1-Apr-15 $0.015483 Recurring
25-Feb-15 24-Mar-15 1-Apr-15 $0.015483 Recurring
25-Feb-15 17-Mar-15 1-Apr-15 $0.015483 Recurring
25-Feb-15 10-Mar-15 1-Apr-15 $0.015483 Recurring
25-Feb-15 3-Mar-15 1-Apr-15 $0.015483 Recurring
27-Jan-15 24-Feb-15 25-Feb-15 $0.015483 Recurring
27-Jan-15 17-Feb-15 25-Feb-15 $0.015483 Recurring
27-Jan-15 10-Feb-15 25-Feb-15 $0.015483 Recurring
27-Jan-15 3-Feb-15 25-Feb-15 $0.015483 Recurring
19-Dec-14 27-Jan-15 28-Jan-15 $0.015483 Recurring
19-Dec-14 20-Jan-15 28-Jan-15 $0.015483 Recurring
19-Dec-14 13-Jan-15 28-Jan-15 $0.015483 Recurring
19-Dec-14 6-Jan-15 28-Jan-15 $0.015483 Recurring
21-Nov-14 30-Dec-14 31-Dec-14 $0.015483 Recurring
21-Nov-14 23-Dec-14 31-Dec-14 $0.015483 Recurring
21-Nov-14 16-Dec-14 31-Dec-14 $0.015483 Recurring
21-Nov-14 9-Dec-14 31-Dec-14 $0.015483 Recurring
21-Nov-14 2-Dec-14 31-Dec-14 $0.015483 Recurring
26-Sep-14 25-Nov-14 26-Nov-14 $0.015483 Recurring
26-Sep-14 18-Nov-14 26-Nov-14 $0.015483 Recurring
26-Sep-14 11-Nov-14 26-Nov-14 $0.015483 Recurring
26-Sep-14 4-Nov-14 26-Nov-14 $0.015483 Recurring
26-Sep-14 28-Oct-14 29-Oct-14 $0.015483 Recurring
26-Sep-14 21-Oct-14 29-Oct-14 $0.015483 Recurring
26-Sep-14 14-Oct-14 29-Oct-14 $0.015483 Recurring
26-Sep-14 7-Oct-14 29-Oct-14 $0.015483 Recurring
20-Jun-14 30-Sep-14 1-Oct-14 $0.015483 Recurring
20-Jun-14 23-Sep-14 1-Oct-14 $0.015483 Recurring
20-Jun-14 16-Sep-14 1-Oct-14 $0.015483 Recurring
20-Jun-14 9-Sep-14 1-Oct-14 $0.015483 Recurring
20-Jun-14 2-Sep-14 1-Oct-14 $0.015483 Recurring
20-Jun-14 26-Aug-14 27-Aug-14 $0.015483 Recurring
20-Jun-14 19-Aug-14 27-Aug-14 $0.015483 Recurring
20-Jun-14 12-Aug-14 27-Aug-14 $0.015483 Recurring
20-Jun-14 5-Aug-14 27-Aug-14 $0.015483 Recurring
20-Jun-14 29-Jul-14 30-Jul-14 $0.015483 Recurring
20-Jun-14 22-Jul-14 30-Jul-14 $0.015483 Recurring
20-Jun-14 15-Jul-14 30-Jul-14 $0.015483 Recurring
20-Jun-14 8-Jul-14 30-Jul-14 $0.015483 Recurring
20-Jun-14 1-Jul-14 30-Jul-14 $0.015483 Recurring
18-Mar-14 24-Jun-14 25-Jun-14 $0.015483 Recurring
18-Mar-14 17-Jun-14 25-Jun-14 $0.015483 Recurring
18-Mar-14 10-Jun-14 25-Jun-14 $0.015483 Recurring
18-Mar-14 3-Jun-14 25-Jun-14 $0.015483 Recurring
18-Mar-14 27-May-14 28-May-14 $0.015483 Recurring
18-Mar-14 20-May-14 28-May-14 $0.015483 Recurring
18-Mar-14 13-May-14 28-May-14 $0.015483 Recurring
18-Mar-14 6-May-14 28-May-14 $0.015483 Recurring
18-Mar-14 29-Apr-14 30-Apr-14 $0.015483 Recurring
18-Mar-14 22-Apr-14 30-Apr-14 $0.015483 Recurring
18-Mar-14 15-Apr-14 30-Apr-14 $0.015483 Recurring
18-Mar-14 8-Apr-14 30-Apr-14 $0.015483 Recurring
18-Mar-14 1-Apr-14 30-Apr-14 $0.015483 Recurring
20-Dec-13 25-Mar-14 26-Mar-14 $0.015004 Recurring
20-Dec-13 18-Mar-14 26-Mar-14 $0.015004 Recurring
20-Dec-13 11-Mar-14 26-Mar-14 $0.015004 Recurring
20-Dec-13 4-Mar-14 26-Mar-14 $0.015004 Recurring
20-Dec-13 25-Feb-14 26-Feb-14 $0.015004 Recurring
20-Dec-13 18-Feb-14 26-Feb-14 $0.015004 Recurring
20-Dec-13 11-Feb-14 26-Feb-14 $0.015004 Recurring
20-Dec-13 4-Feb-14 26-Feb-14 $0.015004 Recurring
20-Dec-13 28-Jan-14 29-Jan-14 $0.015004 Recurring
20-Dec-13 21-Jan-14 29-Jan-14 $0.015004 Recurring
20-Dec-13 14-Jan-14 29-Jan-14 $0.015004 Recurring
20-Dec-13 7-Jan-14 29-Jan-14 $0.015004 Recurring
21-Nov-13 31-Dec-13 2-Jan-14 $0.015004 Recurring
21-Nov-13 31-Dec-13 2-Jan-14 $0.030000 SpecialĀ 
21-Nov-13 24-Dec-13 2-Jan-14 $0.015004 Recurring
21-Nov-13 17-Dec-13 2-Jan-14 $0.015004 Recurring
21-Nov-13 10-Dec-13 2-Jan-14 $0.015004 Recurring
21-Nov-13 3-Dec-13 2-Jan-14 $0.015004 Recurring
24-Sep-13 26-Nov-13 27-Nov-13 $0.015004 Recurring
24-Sep-13 19-Nov-13 27-Nov-13 $0.015004 Recurring
24-Sep-13 12-Nov-13 27-Nov-13 $0.015004 Recurring
24-Sep-13 5-Nov-13 27-Nov-13 $0.015004 Recurring
24-Sep-13 29-Oct-13 30-Oct-13 $0.015004 Recurring
24-Sep-13 22-Oct-13 30-Oct-13 $0.015004 Recurring
24-Sep-13 15-Oct-13 30-Oct-13 $0.015004 Recurring
24-Sep-13 8-Oct-13 30-Oct-13 $0.015004 Recurring
24-Sep-13 1-Oct-13 30-Oct-13 $0.015004 Recurring
9-Aug-13 24-Sep-13 25-Sep-13 $0.015004 Recurring
9-Aug-13 17-Sep-13 25-Sep-13 $0.015004 Recurring
9-Aug-13 10-Sep-13 25-Sep-13 $0.015004 Recurring
9-Aug-13 3-Sep-13 25-Sep-13 $0.015004 Recurring
17-Jun-13 27-Aug-13 28-Aug-13 $0.015004 Recurring
17-Jun-13 20-Aug-13 28-Aug-13 $0.015004 Recurring
17-Jun-13 13-Aug-13 28-Aug-13 $0.015004 Recurring
17-Jun-13 6-Aug-13 28-Aug-13 $0.015004 Recurring
17-Jun-13 30-Jul-13 31-Jul-13 $0.015004 Recurring
17-Jun-13 23-Jul-13 31-Jul-13 $0.015004 Recurring
17-Jun-13 16-Jul-13 31-Jul-13 $0.015004 Recurring
17-Jun-13 9-Jul-13 31-Jul-13 $0.015004 Recurring
17-Jun-13 2-Jul-13 31-Jul-13 $0.015004 Recurring
12-Mar-13 25-Jun-13 26-Jun-13 $0.015004 Recurring
12-Mar-13 18-Jun-13 26-Jun-13 $0.015004 Recurring
12-Mar-13 11-Jun-13 26-Jun-13 $0.015004 Recurring
12-Mar-13 4-Jun-13 26-Jun-13 $0.015004 Recurring
12-Mar-13 28-May-13 29-May-13 $0.015004 Recurring
12-Mar-13 21-May-13 29-May-13 $0.015004 Recurring
12-Mar-13 14-May-13 29-May-13 $0.015004 Recurring
12-Mar-13 7-May-13 29-May-13 $0.015004 Recurring
12-Mar-13 30-Apr-13 1-May-13 $0.015004 Recurring
12-Mar-13 23-Apr-13 1-May-13 $0.015004 Recurring
12-Mar-13 16-Apr-13 1-May-13 $0.015004 Recurring
12-Mar-13 9-Apr-13 1-May-13 $0.015004 Recurring
12-Mar-13 2-Apr-13 1-May-13 $0.015004 Recurring
14-Dec-12 26-Mar-13 27-Mar-13 $0.015004 Recurring
14-Dec-12 19-Mar-13 27-Mar-13 $0.015004 Recurring
14-Dec-12 12-Mar-13 27-Mar-13 $0.015004 Recurring
14-Dec-12 5-Mar-13 27-Mar-13 $0.015004 Recurring
14-Dec-12 26-Feb-13 27-Feb-13 $0.015004 Recurring
14-Dec-12 19-Feb-13 27-Feb-13 $0.015004 Recurring
14-Dec-12 12-Feb-13 27-Feb-13 $0.015004 Recurring
14-Dec-12 5-Feb-13 27-Feb-13 $0.015004 Recurring
14-Dec-12 29-Jan-13 30-Jan-13 $0.015004 Recurring
14-Dec-12 22-Jan-13 30-Jan-13 $0.015004 Recurring
14-Dec-12 15-Jan-13 30-Jan-13 $0.015004 Recurring
14-Dec-12 8-Jan-13 30-Jan-13 $0.015004 Recurring
14-Dec-12 2-Jan-13 30-Jan-13 $0.015004 Recurring
29-Nov-12 26-Dec-12 31-Dec-12 $0.014606 Recurring
29-Nov-12 18-Dec-12 31-Dec-12 $0.014606 Recurring
29-Nov-12 11-Dec-12 31-Dec-12 $0.014606 Recurring
29-Nov-12 4-Dec-12 31-Dec-12 $0.014606 Recurring
27-Sep-12 27-Nov-12 28-Nov-12 $0.014606 Recurring
27-Sep-12 20-Nov-12 28-Nov-12 $0.014606 Recurring
27-Sep-12 13-Nov-12 28-Nov-12 $0.014606 Recurring
27-Sep-12 6-Nov-12 28-Nov-12 $0.014606 Recurring
27-Sep-12 30-Oct-12 31-Oct-12 $0.014606 Recurring
27-Sep-12 23-Oct-12 31-Oct-12 $0.014606 Recurring
27-Sep-12 16-Oct-12 31-Oct-12 $0.014606 Recurring
27-Sep-12 9-Oct-12 31-Oct-12 $0.014606 Recurring
27-Sep-12 2-Oct-12 31-Oct-12 $0.014606 Recurring
29-Jun-12 25-Sep-12 26-Sep-12 $0.014606 Recurring
29-Jun-12 18-Sep-12 26-Sep-12 $0.014606 Recurring
29-Jun-12 11-Sep-12 26-Sep-12 $0.014606 Recurring
29-Jun-12 4-Sep-12 26-Sep-12 $0.014606 Recurring
29-Jun-12 28-Aug-12 29-Aug-12 $0.014606 Recurring
29-Jun-12 21-Aug-12 29-Aug-12 $0.014606 Recurring
29-Jun-12 14-Aug-12 29-Aug-12 $0.014606 Recurring
29-Jun-12 7-Aug-12 29-Aug-12 $0.014606 Recurring
29-Jun-12 31-Jul-12 1-Aug-12 $0.014606 Recurring
29-Jun-12 24-Jul-12 1-Aug-12 $0.014606 Recurring
29-Jun-12 17-Jul-12 1-Aug-12 $0.014606 Recurring
29-Jun-12 10-Jul-12 1-Aug-12 $0.014606 Recurring
29-Jun-12 3-Jul-12 1-Aug-12 $0.014606 Recurring
14-Mar-12 26-Jun-12 27-Jun-12 $0.014606 Recurring
14-Mar-12 19-Jun-12 27-Jun-12 $0.014606 Recurring
14-Mar-12 12-Jun-12 27-Jun-12 $0.014606 Recurring
14-Mar-12 5-Jun-12 27-Jun-12 $0.014606 Recurring
14-Mar-12 29-May-12 30-May-12 $0.014606 Recurring
14-Mar-12 22-May-12 30-May-12 $0.014606 Recurring
14-Mar-12 15-May-12 30-May-12 $0.014606 Recurring
14-Mar-12 8-May-12 30-May-12 $0.014606 Recurring
14-Mar-12 1-May-12 30-May-12 $0.014606 Recurring
14-Mar-12 24-Apr-12 25-Apr-12 $0.014606 Recurring
14-Mar-12 17-Apr-12 25-Apr-12 $0.014606 Recurring
14-Mar-12 10-Apr-12 25-Apr-12 $0.014606 Recurring
14-Mar-12 3-Apr-12 25-Apr-12 $0.014606 Recurring
4-Jan-12 27-Mar-12 28-Mar-12 $0.014606 Recurring
4-Jan-12 20-Mar-12 28-Mar-12 $0.014606 Recurring
4-Jan-12 13-Mar-12 28-Mar-12 $0.014606 Recurring
4-Jan-12 6-Mar-12 28-Mar-12 $0.014606 Recurring
4-Jan-12 28-Feb-12 29-Feb-12 $0.014336 Recurring
4-Jan-12 21-Feb-12 29-Feb-12 $0.014336 Recurring
4-Jan-12 14-Feb-12 29-Feb-12 $0.014336 Recurring
4-Jan-12 7-Feb-12 29-Feb-12 $0.014336 Recurring
4-Jan-12 31-Jan-12 1-Feb-12 $0.014336 Recurring
4-Jan-12 24-Jan-12 1-Feb-12 $0.014000 Recurring
4-Jan-12 17-Jan-12 1-Feb-12 $0.014000 Recurring
4-Jan-12 10-Jan-12 1-Feb-12 $0.013798 Recurring
16-Dec-11 3-Jan-12 1-Feb-12 $0.013798 Recurring
24-Oct-11 27-Dec-11 4-Jan-12 $0.013798 Recurring
24-Oct-11 20-Dec-11 4-Jan-12 $0.013798 Recurring
24-Oct-11 13-Dec-11 4-Jan-12 $0.013798 Recurring
24-Oct-11 6-Dec-11 4-Jan-12 $0.013798 Recurring
24-Oct-11 29-Nov-11 4-Jan-12 $0.013798 Recurring
24-Oct-11 22-Nov-11 30-Nov-11 $0.013798 Recurring
24-Oct-11 15-Nov-11 30-Nov-11 $0.013798 Recurring
24-Oct-11 8-Nov-11 30-Nov-11 $0.013798 Recurring
24-Oct-11 1-Nov-11 30-Nov-11 $0.013798 Recurring
24-Oct-11 25-Oct-11 30-Nov-11 $0.013462 Recurring
11-Sep-11 18-Oct-11 26-Oct-11 $0.013462 Recurring
11-Sep-11 11-Oct-11 26-Oct-11 $0.013462 Recurring
11-Sep-11 4-Oct-11 26-Oct-11 $0.013462 Recurring
11-Sep-11 27-Sep-11 26-Oct-11 $0.013462 Recurring
8-Jun-11 20-Sep-11 28-Sep-11 $0.013462 Recurring
8-Jun-11 13-Sep-11 28-Sep-11 $0.013462 Recurring
8-Jun-11 6-Sep-11 28-Sep-11 $0.013462 Recurring
8-Jun-11 30-Aug-11 28-Sep-11 $0.013462 Recurring
8-Jun-11 23-Aug-11 31-Aug-11 $0.013462 Recurring
8-Jun-11 16-Aug-11 31-Aug-11 $0.013462 Recurring
8-Jun-11 9-Aug-11 31-Aug-11 $0.013462 Recurring
8-Jun-11 2-Aug-11 31-Aug-11 $0.013462 Recurring
8-Jun-11 26-Jul-11 31-Aug-11 $0.013462 Recurring
8-Jun-11 19-Jul-11 27-Jul-11 $0.013462 Recurring
8-Jun-11 12-Jul-11 27-Jul-11 $0.013462 Recurring
8-Jun-11 5-Jul-11 27-Jul-11 $0.013462 Recurring
8-Jun-11 1-Jul-11 27-Jul-11 $0.013462 Recurring